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AC & Heating Repair & Installation In Covington, LA

One day your HVAC system is working fine and the next, it’s not. As inconvenient as this is, it’s a harsh possibility that you need to be prepared for. Needless to say, a malfunctioned air conditioner during the hot summers of Covington can make you run to the shower to beat the heat. At the same time, a heating system that doesn’t work can cause massive discomfort when it gets cold. With Zito’s AC and Heating, however, you can easily fix when these are temporary problems whenever the need arises.

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Reliable Air Conditioning Repair In Covington, LA

Our technicians are officially certified putting them at the top of the industry specialists list. This is boosted by our long years of experience that vouch for the quality of our service. From repairs and maintenance to installation and replacements, there isn’t a single thing we don’t cover when it comes to your HVAC system.

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You can hire our Covington AC Repair and Installation services whenever you feel like there’s a problem with your existing units. Or if you’re moving into a new home or office, we can get your space ready so that your comfort never has to take the back seat. In any case, our professionals will arrive at your location, inspect the issue, and gauge the situation to recommend and implement the most viable solutions available.

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Our zero-compromise policy – The Best Of Everything.

Our service to the client is rooted in our passion for great living standards for everyone. Surely, enjoying the right temperature within your home is a huge aspect of happy living. You keep warm during the cold nights and cool during the humid afternoon. We do our best to fix and maintain your HVAC system so that you never have to give in to Covington’s changing weather.

Technological resources

If there’s one thing our customers swear by, it’s our dedication to technology. We understand that modern equipment requires equally innovative tools to yield a satisfactory solution which is why we’re big on leveraging tech to our advantage.

Reliable parts

Whether your HVAC system needs a complete replacement or in parts, we’ve got you covered. Our stellar sourcing techniques ensure that we’re always stocked with the most robust parts to add to your air conditioner or heat pump for maximum output.

Emergency service

Being without a fully functional HVAC system is nothing short of a nightmare and we treat it like a true emergency. You must simply let us know and our technicians will come to your place to troubleshoot in the shortest possible time.

We’re always on schedule

You can rely on us for many things, after all, we live up to our claims. In terms of service delivery, we respect our client’s schedule and always reach on time. Moreover, our technicians work at an efficient speed to avoid unintended delays that disrupt your routine.

Doing what’s best for you.

We truly believe that the customer is king which is why we don’t spare any effort in going the extra mile. Each of our services, be it as simple as a regular maintenance session or as extensive as full-fledged repairs are customized to your needs. We never go against our client’s requirements, factor in their needs, and thoroughly communicate at every step of the way.

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Over 17 Years Experience In AC Repair & Installation

As one of Louisiana’s leading HVAC contractors, we are always eager to serve more customers than ever before. Over the years, we have been able to expand our operations to different areas. Our goal is to maximize your convenience, so feel free to reach out to us for an all-inclusive service:

Covington – Madisonville – Mandeville – Goodbee – Robert  – Ponchatoula – Hammond – And Surrounding Area

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